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KCM On Balance – September 2021

It hardly seems possible, but fall is just a few short weeks away. Though the season may be changing, the stock market is still on the same path it’s enjoyed since March of last year, bullish as ever. In fact, as of August 16, the S & P 500 had doubled its value since the low of 2237.4 on March 23, 2020.1 And the S & P closed at a new high of 4509.37 on Friday, August 27.

Analysts are at their most bullish in 20 years, with more than 56% of analyst recommendations being buys2. While some analysts believe that the market is due for a correction, academic research shows that it’s impossible to predict exactly when—or even if—corrections will occur. Investors are well advised to stay invested for the long haul, as the market has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to offer rewards over the long term.

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