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KCM On Balance – October 2023

There are many reasons to love October—cooler temperatures and cozy nights, fall foliage in many parts of the country, and of course, the Halloween candy. Many of us have fond memories of putting on a costume, knocking on doors, and emphatically exclaiming, “Trick or treat?!?” When it comes to investing, we recommend a “no-trick,” Evidence-Based, long-term approach, which may eventually lead to more “candy.”


September has historically been a poor month for markets. This year was no different. The combination of Fed activity, rising bond yields, an auto strike, the specter of a government shutdown, rising oil prices, lackluster growth overseas (particularly China), and the restart of student loan payments all contributed to a “wall of worry” that markets could not overcome.


All three major indexes had a negative month, with the Nasdaq down -5.77%, the S&P 500 down -4.77%, and Dow down -3.42%. While global equity markets are still up for the year, September punctuated a poor third quarter across the board.


When the “wall of worry” looms, stay disciplined. The long-term rewards of investing await on the other side.


For more details, see the below Q3 Market Commentary.

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