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Non-traditional Strategies: What Are Alternative Investments?
February 2017

Alternative investments offer a way to enhance returns & potentially mitigate risk. Learn about how non-traditional strategies may work for your portfolio!

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Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts Reduce Taxes & Create Income
January 2017

Discover a way to minimize taxes initially and provide stable monthly income into retirement. Learn the benefits of adding a QLAC to your financial plan!

The Roth IRA: A Tax-Free Strategy for Saving for Retirement
January 2017

Do you want to make sure you’re effectively saving for retirement? Discover how a Roth IRA could be the best option for your financial goals & get started!

Quarterly Market Analysis and Commentary for Q3 2016
November 2016

Keeping up to date with stock market trends helps our team maintain continued success with investment strategy. Read our third quarter commentary for 2016.

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Inheriting an IRA: Distribution Strategies & Key Considerations
August 2016

It is easy to make a mistake when planning distribution strategies for your retirement. Learn about how to choose your beneficiaries and inherit an IRA.

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The Greater Wealth Transfer: Are You and Your Loved Ones Prepared?
July 2016

The “Greater Wealth Transfer” is expected to pass down $30 trillion from the Baby Boomers onto their heirs. But are you prepared to manage this new wealth?

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Market Timing: Out To Getcha?
June 2016

The truth behind market timing is that you cannot always predict the stock market, maximize your investments, and avoid downside damage. Read more here.

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Long Term Care Insurance: Is It Part of Your Financial Plan?
May 2016

By 2030, 1 in 5 Americans will be 65 years or older. However, not nearly as many will have saved for long-term care. Learn about long-term care insurance.

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3 Investment Strategies to Building a Tax-Efficient Portfolio
April 2016

A tax-efficient portfolio allows you to pay lower taxes while generating a high yield rom your investments. Read more to discover 3 investment strategies.

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Charitable Bequests: Making Sense of Charitable Trusts
March 2016

Benefit from an income tax deduction while supporting your family for the long-term with a charitable giving strategy. Learn about charitable bequests here.

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A Matter of Trust: The Advantages of Trusts in Estate Planning
February 2016

Trusts are a flexible estate planning solution to managing assets and providing for your loved ones after death. Discover the advantages of trusts here.

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When Planning for Retirement, Could Less Be More?
January 2016

If presented with the option of having many of fewer investment choices in their 401(k) plans, many may feel that more is better. Unfortunately, while some may feel that more options must be better, too many choices may leave some feeling overwhelmed and confused.

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Revise Your Estate Plan to Cover Heath Care Directions
December 2015

What is a person to do if he or she is terminally ill or permanently unconscious, and can’t communicate? Who will make medical decisions on his or her behalf? In situations such as these, it’s important to put one’s wishes in writing before an event like this arises. Generally, that means executing two documents: 1) a living will and 2) a health care power of attorney. This article discusses the differences between these two documents, and what they can accomplish.

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Your 401(k) Plan: A First Step in Planning for Your Future
November 2015

Named for the section of the IRS tax code that governs their existence, 401(k) plans offer employees a convenient way to save for their futures, while simultaneously offering other important benefits. Use this article to show your clients the importance of enrolling in their employer sponsored plan.

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Investing by Gender: Are Men from Mars and Women from Venus?
October 2015

It’s been said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. While differences may exist between the genders with respect to social interactions, how might they differ with respect to investing?

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Human Capital: Don’t Overlook this Important Asset Class
September 2015

When considering asset classes, most investors think of things such as stocks and bonds, commodities or real estate. While tangible assets are apparent and readily understood, “human capital” is an intangible asset, and perhaps a bit more unfamiliar.

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Behavioral Finance: Are We Ruled by Emotion?
August 2015

If asked, most people would probably say they are rational individuals who make wise decisions. Indeed, logical thinking and prudent behavior are the norm for the majority of people in most instances. Unfortunately, when it comes to money management, people who are otherwise rational often tend to act irrationally, and this tendency is quite pervasive.

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Social Security… And When to Collect?
July 2015

When planning for retirement, identifying the sources of income that may be available to you, as well as a strategy for drawing from those resources is, we believe, critical to a secure and comfortable retirement. While we believe that supplemental retirement savings and income strategies are necessary for a more satisfying retirement, Social Security continues to provide a basic source of income for those in their retirement years.

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Why You Shouldn't Compare Your Portfolio Performance to the S&P 500
June 2015

Is it fair to benchmark your portfolio to the S&P 500 Index? We don't believe so. Your goals and risk tolerances should drive your investment strategies.

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